Top Reasons for Needing a Personal Loan

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Top Reasons for Needing a Personal Loan

Ever wondered what the most common reasons for taking out an unsecured personal loan are? Or are you hankering after something and not sure if a loan is justifiable? Well surprisingly, some of the most common reasons for completing a loan application are not what you’d think…



Believe it or not, one of the main reasons people take out personal loans is so that they can buy gifts for other people. No one wants to deal with giving an I.O.U. to a friend for their birthday, or explaining to relations that they will have to go without a Christmas present this year. With a personal loan, you can avoid this scenario and await smiles all round.



You’ve worked hard this year, you’ve picked a dream destination, and still you are just short of the budget required for a much needed holiday. Now there is an easy way to make it to this destination (and avoid spending your two weeks’ hard-earned holidays sitting round your living room watching daytime TV). Apply for a personal loan and enjoy the experience of seeing a new place for the first time, safe in the knowledge that you can repay the loan with fixed payments over an agreed term that works for you.


Unexpected Bills:

We all know the feeling. You’re seemingly cruising, on top of things financially, and then, out of nowhere, you hear a bang. Now your boiler needs to be fixed, or maybe the clutch in your car needs to be replaced. When something unexpected occurs, you can either go to your family to borrow the money (but maybe you’ve done that too many times already) or you can take out a personal loan. Within a day you could have enough funds to deal with whatever problem is in front of you.


Consolidate Debt:

One approach to mounting debt is to consolidate it all. This means you would group all your loans together, and you would only have to pay back one loan. This approach is much more manageable and less terrifying than having to keep track of each loan you need to repay. Moreover, Better Chance Loans offer personal loans even if your credit score is less than fair.



The elation of getting engaged is soon followed by the reality of the expenses you will have to fork out. Your guests will probably be generous, but a lot of the expenses will have to be paid before the day itself. One way to ease the burden of wedding day finances, allowing you to really enjoy the day, is to take out a personal loan. You can then hire the venue and band you’ve always desired, and worry about repaying the personal loan after the day is over.


Home Improvements:

Many people are content to live in the same house all their lives, but few fail to make home improvements at some point. Maybe you’re itching for a bigger bathroom, you want to create some space by building an extension, or you want to breathe fresh air into your sitting room by painting it a different colour. However the job, small or big, you can rely on a personal loan to set you on your way to a cosier home.


Vehicle Upgrade:

Sick of driving round in the same banged up car or van for several years now? Consider a competitive personal loan instead of a traditional car loan to purchase a new vehicle. Simply fill in the online form today to see if you are eligible for a Better Chance Loans personal loan. You could be driving out of the showroom in your span new car a lot sooner than you think.


Whatever the reason, a helping hand from Better Chance Loans may be all you need. Simply apply online and if successful you’ll receive an offer in minutes!


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